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Local News

US economic growth surges by 4
The US economy grew by 4 in the second quarter according to a preliminary reading by the US Department of Commerce beating expectations

House to vote to sue President Obama
The US House of Representatives is set to pass a resolution authorising a lawsuit against the president for alleged overreach of his authority

Senators in campus sex assault push
A crossparty group of US senators introduce a bill aimed at reducing sexual assault on university campuses

Los Angeles flood hits university
A burst water main causes flooding along Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard at the University of California Los Angeles officials say

Last Hiroshima bomb crew member dies
The last surviving member of the team which dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima Theodore Van Kirk has died aged 93

US travel ban on Venezuela officials
The US imposes travel restrictions on Venezuelan government officials it says are linked to human rights abuses during recent protests

Apology over Turtles 911 poster
Paramount Pictures apologises over a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster featuring the characters jumping from an exploding skyscraper alongside the release date of 11 September

China spies hacked Canada agency
A prominent Canadian government research organisation has been attacked by Chinese hackers the government says

Bank of America in hustle case
Bank of Americas Countrywide unit must pay 13bn for selling defective home loans to US government mortgage lenders a New York judge rules

Hollywood rallies to save celluloid
Movie directors including Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams lead an attempt to save the last Kodak factory that manufactures physical film stock

US and EU expand sanctions on Russia
President Barack Obama says new coordinated sanctions from the US and EU will continue to make Russias weak economy even weaker

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Local Weather

Tuesday white cloud Max Temp 9C 48F Min Temp 5C 41F
Max Temp 9C 48F Min Temp 5C 41F Wind Direction SSE Wind Speed 6mph Visibility moderate Pressure 1011mb Humidity 87 UV risk na Pollution na Sunrise 0752GMT Sunset 1631GMT

Wednesday light rain Max Temp 9C 48F Min Temp 5C 41F
Max Temp 9C 48F Min Temp 5C 41F Wind Direction SSW Wind Speed 7mph Visibility good Pressure 1005mb Humidity 95 UV risk na Pollution na Sunrise 0751GMT Sunset 1632GMT

Thursday light rain Max Temp 9C 48F Min Temp 3C 37F
Max Temp 9C 48F Min Temp 3C 37F Wind Direction WNW Wind Speed 9mph Visibility good Pressure 1014mb Humidity 90 UV risk na Pollution na Sunrise 0750GMT Sunset 1634GMT

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