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"Find local businesses, pictures & information at GuideHut. Please enter your post/zip code or select your position on the map; this allows us to tailor the information to your exact area. "
What is Guidehut?
"Guidehut is your ultimate local guide to everything. Guidehut allows you to find businesses/people/services/goods/photos or information that are local to you. Unlike other search engines or directories that display useless search results from all over the world or county our results are tailored to your exact location. Our local search results are ordered by their quality and proximity to your location. With other search engines and directories you don ’t know if the results are reliable businesses or cowboys trying to take you for a ride. Guidehut prevents this by allowing our users to weed out the cowboys and flyby nights by our unique 5 star system, once you have registered you can rate and comment on any business or service provider. We prevent false or malicious ratings by allowing you to check what other comments have been left by every user, you can also report abuse to the moderators. You will find there are lots of uses for our site, If you are trying to find a local tradesman with a good reputation, then Guidehut will allow you find a plumber or builder that are not only local to you but also has a good reputation provided by passed customers. Perhaps you are travelling somewhere on holiday or thinking of moving to a new area then you can use Guidehut to search for local restaurants, local schools or recently taken local photos of the area. By using Guidehut you can tell if the brochure or travel agent is telling you the truth about local area. "
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